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Lancaster Alloys Company was formed in 1993 by a small group of engineers and experienced technicians in the aircraft and aerospace industry with one goal in mind: To produce the finest quality welding wire available at competitive prices with prompt deliveries.

Welding wire manufactured for the aerospace industry must meet strict chemical and metallurgical requirements.

There are two major factors which control wire performance:

(1) The quality of the raw material from which the wire is drawn, and

(2) the method of drawing.

Therefore, coupled with vacuum melted feed stock, whenever possible, and our unique cleaning and drawing equipment, which was specifically designed and built by our engineering staff, we can manufacture a premium quality product that exceeds industry standards for cleanliness and weldability. Unnecessary rework due to cracking because of impurities in the weld puddle is never an issue with our wire.

Since 1993, Lancaster Alloys Company has manufactured and distributed welding wire world-wide with the capacity to process 1,000 lbs. per week of raw material into various diameters and forms of finished product.

The quality record of our wire speaks for itself and we guarantee that if there are any problems with our wire, we will replace it at our cost.

Our staff are always available to answer your technical questions or suggest a solution to your problem.

The critical nature and applications of the welding wire we manufacture will not allow us to compromise quality or performance.

Lancaster Alloys is a unique company with its own well established "Standard of Excellence" which does not leave any room for shortcuts in processing just to move its products at any cost.

We are not in the commodity business.

We are your dependable source and reliable partner for the 21st Century.

Once again, welcome to The Lancaster Alloys Website.

We hope you will find it helpful and informative in your everyday welding and purchasing activities.

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